Energy Card Readings

Individualized Energy Card Readings

Blue Coyote Media ArtsPeople have always had a natural curiosity about what happened and why, earlier in their lives. Though that can be relevant, who we are now and how to live the best life, present and future, are more important.  

Whether your preferred term is God, Source, the Universe or similar, there is spirit all around us. They give us guiding clues on how to live to our full and loving potential, problem-solving or our expanding happiness. My “energy card” readings can give us insight into any of it.  

I use my intuitive senses and years of counseling experience/training to help you find emotional focus. Together we identify the framework to understand yourself as an evolving, purposeful and loving being. 

Your card reading session will last about 30-45 minutes, depending on the information that manifests. To get insight into general life or individually focused questions, schedule your reading today! 

Readings can be done in person at my home or electronically via phone/Skype/Zoom, etc. They can also be followed by a 30 minute or longer photo session if you’d prefer. See for specific info on that service. 

Broadly speaking, life is an infinite evolution shaped by persons and experiences that affect us as we live it. Any of my services (reads, photoshoots, video interviews, paranormal searches) can easily be one of those informative, helpful experiences.