Paranormal means “outside normal scientific understanding.” Spirit energies not commonly witnessed by our five senses, are paranormal. Visuals captured by cameras and sounds heard with our ears or wider spectrum devices with no apparent source, also qualify.   

It’s not all about negative energies and ghosts of the dead. Far from it. Spirit guides and angels that help to shape our daily living habits, are a major part of my paranormal experiences.  

I discovered my skills by chance(?) a dozen years ago. 10’s of 1000’s of photos and videos later, I’ve gotten more refined and defined visual evidence than ever. With sensing negative energy as the sole exception, virtually everywhere I go, I’m able to interact with mysteriously beautiful orbs and energies.  

I’ve used various cameras including my phone, digital EVP recorders and an EMF meter as my equipment staples.  

My ultimate goal, aside from compiling more and varied evidence of their existence, is to learn to interact with them at higher levels. They’re forms of energy as much as we as souls, and our earthly bodies are. So I want to contunually advance physical proof and to see where my beliefs and interactions lead.  

I believe that I work with these same spirits when I give intuitive energy card readings to myself and to clients. Without a doubt. 

So join me in a “ghost search” sometime, if you’ve got similar interests. I want  to explore local spots, reputedly haunted or not. I also want to do some explorations in relative darkness in more distant locations outside of the Albuquerque area.   

There are no fees involved in any way right now. Just real interest and a willingness to be a part of a research team, and/or to share your own results. Some of them will be posted on my Facebook “Orbs and Energies” page.   

Grab your cameras and subdue your fears. Let’s validate these energies and have fun doing it!  All while we deepen the world’s understanding of a slice of the unseen energies that surround us daily.  

Contact me for additional information, please.