Blue Coyote Media ArtsFormally trained in personal communications and counseling, I found these to be invaluable in the art world of photography and with interviews. Emotions and expression are key in those creative realms.

So too, are they an integral part of doing spiritual card readings for curious individuals. Though you may think that communication has little to do with paranormal/spirit research, you’d be mistaken. At the very least, showing sincere interest and encouragement tends to draw out orbs and energies so that I can photograph them.


I speak with them as if they were visible human life in conversation with me. My refined intuitive senses guide me in all my creative venues of photography, video conversations and, of course, card readings. I say and do what feels right to me.


All of these took root in the early days of my life and they continue to evolve with experiences every day.


I invite you to enjoy these work samples  and/or join me in creating your personalized vision of any of them.  


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