It started by chance and grew astronomically. 

I’ve always been a spiritual person, knowing full well that there is much to be explored that lies beyond our 5 senses world. Unquestioned acceptance of what I’m told are “the facts” has never part of my personality. I can always find “exceptions.” 

So when I took my first images of orbs and energies, it inevitably opened my mind to more questions than answers. A balance of accepted science and identifying a myriad of other possibilities, became my motivation. 

The more I explored with media recordings, the more intriguing things I uncovered. The more open I became to other energies, the more often and remarkably they appeared to me. And if this is what reveals itself to me so far, what else might there be?  For 12 years and continuing, I have intended (and will continue to) to shed more light on this. 

Today, I continue to dive headfirst into expanding my knowledge with cameras, sound recorders and 5 (or more) senses perception. What you see pictured here, are the more thought-provoking results of my research.  

In turn, I’ve developed and been taught much more about my intuitive abilities. Combined with my innate desire to help and to make a difference in this world, my energy card reading skills have continually evolved. 

I’m available to do a card read for you. We’ll join our individual forces with the unseen ones to see what stories they tell. Always “for the greatest good of all,” as I say. 

On the paranormal side of things, please continue to return here to see my latest discoveries. If you live near me in the Rio Rancho/ Albuquerque areas of New Mexico, I’m open to having a select few of you do some “spirit hunting” with me. I prefer the term spirit to ghost because it’s broader and “ghost” tends to invoke some fear and negativity. Most all of my media captures have been positive/angelic/spirit guides and guardians.  

Please join me, one way or another.  

We’re all one energy anyway…